Episode 1: All Things Environmental with Canaan Crouch

Welcome to Flip the Cap!

Today on the show Kathryn sits down with Canaan Crouch to discuss everything you need to know about the environmental insurance marketplace. Plus, when it comes time to Flip the Cap, Canaan sets a record. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode Highlights:

  • VERY unexpected “did you know” about Canaan!
  • The Environmental Insurance coverage that is most commonly misunderstood (and missed period)
  • History of Environmental Insurance and how that plays into today’s landscape
  • Challenges marketplace trends impacting Environmental Insurance
  • Jencap’s value proposition to provide industry-leading expertise in the environmental risk sector

Learn more about Jencap’s Cannabis Site Pollution Liability Program at https://jencapgroup.com/cannabis-site-pollution-liability/.

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