Your Guide to Cannabis Insurance

Marijuana regulations at the state level flip-flop on a weekly basis, making it difficult to keep up. When that happens, a new wave of laws and overturned court opinions will sweep across the country.

The only thing changing as quickly as cannabis legislation is the unique insurance needs of this budding industry. We figured you could use a go-to reference for all things cannabis insurance that is current and reliable. …You’re welcome.

Legalization by State

Click on a state below to see how it regulates cannabis. You’ll notice there are six categories: states where cannabis use is fully legal, states where medical use is legal and recreational use has been decriminalized, states that have decriminalized cannabis use only, states where only medical use is legal, states where only CBD oil is legal, and states where cannabis use is fully illegal.

Fully legal


Medical and decriminalized

Medical only

CBD Oil Only

Fully Illegal

Last Updated: December 2023

Number of states allowing reimbursement for medical marijuana under Workers’ Compensation.


Global cannabis sales by 2028.

Number of retail cannabis
licenses in the U.S.

Exclusive Programs

Cannabis Site Pollution Liability

Cannabis business operations face significant insurance coverage gaps where pollution is concerned. That’s why Jencap established a first-of-its-kind, exclusive program that provides monoline Site Pollution Liability to cannabis risks.

The program is specifically designed for cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. It’s a non-admitted, A+XII rated program that is available in all U.S. states where hemp or cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use. Our program’s exclusive cannabis specific form, broad appetite that includes high hazard operations, and full binding authority that yields quick quotes is the perfect insurance solution for your clients’ next cannabis risk. Program Contact: CSPL@jencapgroup.com

Hired and Non-Owned Auto for Cannabis Couriers

MiniCo provides an exclusive, monoline Hired and Non-owned Auto program for food and cannabis delivery services on A-rated paper. Our brokers deliver account winning solutions with their industry-leading specialization, quick turn around time on quotes and competitive rates nationwide (program not available in WV). Program Contact: john.ware@minico.com

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The Jencap Advantage
The Jencap Advantage

Cannabis is not a generalist's game. Learn how Jencap provides specific expertise for cannabis coverage.

The Legalization of Cannabis

The regulatory environment and legislation of cannabis greatly impacts the commercial insurance world. Listen in as our experts discuss the implications.

Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

This growing industry brings new challenges, like capacity limits, that Jencap is uniquely equipped to overcome.

Coverage Gaps in the Cannabis Industry

Gaps can create frightening situations; our experts know how to ask the right questions to keep your clients covered.

Underwriting Considerations for Cannabis

With myriad factors taken into consideration when underwriting cannabis policies for cultivators, retail sellers, and businesses that are processing, manufacturing, and extracting, let's walk through what cannabis underwriters are evaluating.

Key Insurance Coverages in Cannabis Operations

Jencap cannabis insurance expert, Lee Woodall, shares specific coverages every cannabis operation will need. He also talks through how finished stock/inventory is different for cannabis operations and how evaluations for cannabis can vary from carrier to carrier.

What to Expect in the Cannabis Insurance Market

Erich Schutz discusses the important considerations of equipment breakdown and other coverage considerations related to the emerging cannabis insurance market.

The Future of Insuring Psychedelics

Erich Schutz, Jencap’s cannabis insurance leader, joins other industry professionals to discuss the future and nuances of covering psychedelics versus cannabis. In this evolving niche market, it’s essential to consult an expert.

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