If you have questions about the various Garage Insurance coverages, you’re not alone! In fact, it’s among Google’s top searched insurance topics – further highlighting how confusing some of the various coverages can be.

To further complicate the matter, no two businesses in the automotive and repair industries are the same. Inventories are ever-changing, you have to manage customer’s vehicles along with your own vehicles, and the inherent risk exposures are endless.

Jencap’s expert brokers are ready to clear up the confusion. We’ve parked answers to all of your Garage Insurance questions on this page.


In our special four-part “Garage Gurus” series, Jencap’s garage experts answer your most-asked questions, demystify the different types of garage coverages, highlight common coverage gaps including pollution exposures, walk you through completing a successful garage application, and share some meaningful success stories along the way.

Garage Gurus 1
Garage Gurus Episode #1: Answering Your Questions

In Episode 1 of Garage Gurus, our brokers address two of the most commonly misunderstood garage coverages -- Garage Liability versus General Liability and Garagekeepers Liability versus Dealers Open Lot.

Garage Gurus 2
Garage Gurus Episode #2: The Garage Application

In Episode 2 of Garage Gurus, our brokers go through the Colony Garage Application step-by-step. There are numerous important questions that need to be answered and distinctions that need to be made concerning the coverage that you need.

Garage Gurus 3
Garage Gurus Episode #3: Common Pollution Coverage Gaps on Garage Risks

In Episode 3 of Garage Gurus, our brokers welcome a special guest, a pollution and environmental broker here at Jencap. Together our experts take you through commonly needed or misunderstood pollution coverages, how Liability ties to Environmental Exposure, and cleanup or waste disposal coverage.

Garage Gurus 4
Garage Gurus Episode #4: Frequently Asked Questions

In Episode 4 of Garage Gurus, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions amongst brokers, including the difference between Legal Liability and Direct Primary, when you need Non-Owned Liability coverage, and excluding employees & dealer tags.

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