Exciting IoT and AI Technologies are Improving Truckers’ Safety

The trucking industry faces numerous challenges. Employee shortages mean less experienced drivers are on the road, which could negatively impact fleet safety and the ability to obtain insurance coverage.

Fortunately, the industry is seeing the introduction of predictive safety and analytics technologies that are helping fleets reduce accidents, prevent injuries and fatalities, and lower their insurance costs.

A combination of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provide critical data and a comprehensive picture of what’s happening on the roads. IoT produces data – like speed and acceleration – while AI provides a complete look at driver safety and road conditions. Advanced predictive safety systems sense each driver’s behaviors – whether they’re tired, distracted, or using their phone. Based on this information, the technology provides extra warning time to drivers – and is reducing collisions by 50-80%.

Trucking accidents are expensive (costing an average of $74,000) and often fraught with injuries, time away from work, administrative hassle, etc., so this technology is a game-changer.

Check out this article on the topic and contact a transportation expert at Jencap today to ensure your clients are properly protected for the road ahead.

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