Recent Chemical Leak Illustrates Why Transportation Pollution Liability is Essential

A chemical leak in Perris, California forced evacuations and closed a major highway. Nearly 188,000 pounds of the chemical styrene leaked out of a railroad tanker and overheated, becoming potentially combustible. Compounding the problem: the weather in Perris was a steamy 100 degrees, heightening concerns for a possible explosion. 

This scary and unfortunate incident illustrates that even a “safe” method of transporting chemicals (i.e., rail vs. truck) can cause pollution conditions. Companies should always carefully guard against spills when transporting products that pose pollution risks. In situations like these, however, Transportation Pollution Liability (TPL) is necessary to cover costs related to proper spill clean-up, property damages, injury, and legal fees. 

The recent Perris chemical leak also serves as a strong reminder that since carcinogenic compounds are often shipped through highly populated areas, the general public should be made aware of the potential hazards.

Jencap’s industry-leading Environmental Insurance experts are dedicated to providing your clients with the comprehensive coverage that is required to properly protect their operations, should an unforeseen incident arise. Please contact us for more information.

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