On the Road: Talking to Your Charter Bus Clients

Having the proper charter bus insurance coverage at an affordable rate can make the difference between the success and failure of your client’s charter bus operation.

When your charter bus clients are considered for a job, there are several things they should prepare to share to ensure the safety of the passengers.

Safety record and rating. A quick search of the Department of Transportation (DOT) number into the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database reveals the status of their operating authority and significant safety violations. They may not be hired if they have current major violations.

Thoughtful itinerary. Prepare a detailed itinerary of each trip to ensure individual drivers do not exceed the maximum number of hours on the road, as established by state and federal regulations. This itinerary may need to include deadhead miles—any time and distance driven with no passengers on board.

Verification of their insurance. When a private company hires your clients, they will need to provide proof of insurance, ensuring the vehicle identification numbers (VINs) listed on the insurance certificate match the number on the vehicle. If a national coach line is interested in hiring your client, they may also need to list that company as an additional insured, as well as the certificate holder. We’ll also match up to confirm coverage.

Proper Insurance. Insurance policies come with several coverages that protect different aspects of a charter bus business, to include:

  • Commercial Auto Liability – Essential coverage for when they’re on the road. If involved in an accident and the charter bus driver is deemed at fault, this coverage will reimburse any wronged parties.
  • Excess Liability – Charter buses are large and can create a lot of damage. Excess liability insurance protects beyond the limits of base liability policy and is there for the truly catastrophic accidents.
  • Medical Payments – This coverage protects passengers. If anyone is hurt, this coverage pays for their medical expenses.
  • Physical Damage – Pays for damage done to your charter bus regardless of who is at fault for protecting company assets no matter what happens on the road.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Employees need to be covered as well. Workers’ compensation insurance reimburses employees for lost wages and medical expenses after they’ve been hurt on the job and protects against lawsuits.
  • General Liability – This coverage protects other important aspects of your business, including your place of business, parking lots, and garages.

Getting the best price. Charter bus insurance is expensive.  Your client can take steps to ensure they are getting the best price.

Train drivers. Insurance companies like to see businesses that have safe drivers. The easiest way to prove that you hire good drivers is to maintain a spotless record. It’s also good to explain to the insurance company training programs and the hiring process.

Whether they have one bus or a fleet of buses, your clients need insurance to protect their business investment. Jencap stands ready to assist you with targeted solutions for the most difficult to insure clients.

Allow our commercial insurance experts to guide you to success, connect with our team today to get started!

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