Optimization, Accuracy, Sustainability: Last Mile Delivery Trends for 2023

Jan 26, 2023

In 2023, delivery companies will need to do more with less. As customers expect next day, same day, and just-in-time deliveries, delivery businesses must meet these demands while cutting costs, boosting accuracy, optimizing resources, and becoming more sustainable.

DispatchTrack outlines that it’s essential to understand (and embrace) last mile trends to elevate customer experiences, build loyalty, gain a competitive advantage, and grow market share. Trends for 2023 include:  

  • Optimize resources. PwC’s Digital Trends in Supply Chain Survey 2022 found that supply chain professionals’ top priorities for 2023 were increased efficiency (63 percent) and managing or reducing costs (59 percent). 
  • Become more sustainable. Per DispatchTrack’s Last Mile Sustainability Perspective, 77 percent of companies are either already prioritizing sustainability or plan to within the next year. Delivery companies must work proactively to become good environmental stewards by taking steps like reducing miles driven, decreasing trucks on the road, or adding electric or semi-electric vehicles to their fleets.
  • Meet precise demands. Just-in-time ordering is expected to increase in 2023, so delivery organizations must guarantee that products will arrive on time to meet more precise customer demands.
  • Emphasize accuracy. Logistics leaders will increasingly rely on technologies like AI and predictive analytics to achieve greater accuracy for deliveries.

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The Jencap Transportation/Garage Insurance Team

The Jencap Transportation/Garage Insurance Team

If your risk has wheels, Jencap’s transportation and garage team has a broad range of insurance solutions for you. Our industry-leading underwriters are always imagining what’s ahead of the curve in the transportation industry and ready to combat any current or future challenges that may exist in the marketplace.
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The last mile delivery market is expected to grow by $165B between now and 2027 and almost $62B in North America alone. This trend is influenced by the growing global e-commerce market which will be more and more prevalent. The most complicated, most expensive, and most important step to any delivery is that last mile that gets the package to its final destination.





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