Specialty Trade Contractors Program

Qualification Requirements

Specialty Trade Contractors who subcontract 70% or more of their operations, specifically Drywall Contractors, Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, HVAC Installers and Steel Fabricators.

** New Additions** Contractors who provide janitorial services, masonry, communication equipment installation, metal works, plastering, stucco work, interior tile, stone & marble work, and siding installation.

Coverage Outline:

  • Commercial General Liability, up to 2/4/4
  • Includes NY Labor Law Coverage
  • Non-Admitted Program
  • GL Deluxe Enhancement Endorsement
  • EIFS Premise/Operations Coverage
  • Named Insured vs Named Insured Cross Suits Exclusion
  • For Envelope Trades (windows, doors, siding) 85% of work must be subcontracted
  • Risks Operating in the five NYC Boroughs Subcontractors must maintain Minimum $2M Umbrella or Excess

*Availability of NY Free Trade Zone Admitted Placement in NY

Submission Requirements:

  • 5 Years Currently Valued Loss Runs
  • Minimum 3 Years in business or 6 years of construction experience
  • Acord Application & Supplemental Application
  • Copy of Subcontractor Agreement
  • Current Job List or Work in Progress outlining location, scheduled completion date, contract value, job description, and client

Send all new business submissions to: