Construction Managers Program

Construction Managers have plenty of project details that need their attention every day, but concern about having the right insurance coverage shouldn’t be one of them.

Jencap understands the unique set of risks and challenges faced by Construction Managers and has designed an integrated general liability and professional liability package for CMs, closing the gaps on coverage while offering a new level of comfort and service.

With a combined GL and PL policy, Construction Managers have a clear-cut definition of their coverage and won’t have any question about where a claim would lie – if it would be covered under General Liability or the Professional Liability.

Construction Manager Program Features:

  • Joint professional liability and general liability coverage that eliminates the hassles of having separate policies, coverages for expenses even before a claim has been filed, and best in class claims handling.
  • Building on the innovative combined product are two program enhancements defined as subpoena and defense expense coverage. If a lawsuit or subpoena is served, we want to jump in early, figure out what’s going on and help out so that no expense is incurred and CMs can focus on their task at hand.
  • We recognize the skill and professionalism associated with qualified Construction Managers in CMAA’smembership base and will offer Certified Construction Managers special credit on their quote.
  • ProSight has teamed up with Jencap to deliver the Construction Managers program directly to CMAA members. With over 50 years of experience in the construction industry, Jencap has deep understanding of the Construction Managers discipline and will work closely with CMAA members’ retailers.

Every day, we work to protect every construction professional – owners, engineers, architects, and contractors – with a stake in the construction industry’s success as well as the people who enjoy the results of their efforts.

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