Expert Environmental Coverage

Nearly every business operation is exposed to environmental riskno matter how big or smalland so many companies don’t even realize it. Environmental regulations are also constantly changing and as such, the environmental insurance needs of a business are a moving target.

Jencap has dedicated environmental professionals that are always ahead of the game on all aspects of the industryfrom PFAS and mold, to site pollution and climate change and everything in between. Our expert underwriters have dedicated their entire careers to the environmental sector. Regardless of the risk complexity, rely on Jencap’s environmental team for the most comprehensive and competitive environmental insurance solutions.


In Insured Losses Due to Natural Disasters
in 2022


Insurance Executives Agree
Climate Change is a Leading Concern


Insurance Experts Worry About the Ability to Cover Growing Environmental Risks


From wildfires in the West to hurricanes in the East, weather-related disasters continue to impact communities nationwide and tally up unprecedented losses. Learn why insurance professionals and insureds alike are feeling the heat—and how it’s impacting coverage.

Exclusive Environmental Programs

Environmental Casualty Package (E-PAK) Program

Jencap’s team of specialized brokers provides coverage for environmental contractors, consultants, engineers and solar installation contractors. Our E-PAK program is offered on A+ XV paper and is available in 48 states countrywide (no coverage available in NY or LA). This program is available for retail and wholesale distribution, and we are licensed in all 50 states.

Visit our E-PAK program page for more information.

Cannabis Site Pollution Liability

Cannabis business operations face significant insurance coverage gaps where pollution is concerned. That’s why Jencap established a first-of-its-kind, exclusive program that provides monoline Site Pollution Liability to cannabis risks. The program is specifically designed for cannabis cultivators, processors, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. It’s a non-admitted, A+XII rated program that is available in all U.S. states where hemp or cannabis is legal for recreational and medical use.

Visit our Cannabis Site Pollution Liability program page for more information.

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Environmental Department Leaders

Canaan Crouch

Canaan Crouch

Managing Director of Jencap Specialty Insurance Services

Doug Mangus

Doug Mangus

Managing Director of Jencap Specialty Insurance Services

Binding Authority Updates
New Enhancements to Jencap's Environmental Binding Facility​​​​

Canaan Crouch and Doug Mangus, Managing Directors of Jencap’s Environmental Division, discuss the latest enhancements to Jencap’s environmental binding facilities.

Common Misconceptions
Common Misconceptions about Environmental Insurance

Jencap managing director Canaan Crouch reveals the number one misconception about environmental insurance and why an expert wholesaler is crucial for retail agents.

Biggest Challenges
What are the Biggest Challenges in the Environmental Insurance Marketplace?

Jencap managing director Canaan Crouch talks with Insurance Business TV, about the proliferation of MGAs, competitive rates in contractors’ pollution liability, and some of the latest legal and regulatory challenges in the marketplace.

History and Trends
The History of Environmental Insurance and Trends in the Current Marketplace

Jencap managing director Canaan Crouch explains what triggered the birth of environmental insurance, what catapulted it into the marketplace in the 1980s, and how this liability coverage has evolved into a multibillion dollar industry.

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