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Welcome to “Chronicles of Casualty,” a captivating four-part video series that explores the nuanced intricacies of casualty insurance solutions offered by Jencap’s specialized brokerage team.

In this informative series, we explore Jencap’s unrivaled proficiency across diverse sectors, shining a spotlight on our specialized knowledge in:

  • habitational
  • construction
  • umbrella & excess
  • product recall

Gain valuable insights, expert perspectives, and a comprehensive understanding of how Jencap stands as a reliable partner, adept at navigating the complex landscape of casualty coverage.

Whether your clients are involved in property management, complex construction projects, seeking additional liability protection, or are concerned about product recall risks these conversations are a valuable tool to landing the right coverage for your client.

Chronicles of Casualty 1
Chronicles of Casualty: Habitational

Find innovative solutions for challenges and strategies in the real estate market with Jencap's Tyler Schuldt and Thomas Lynch. Tap into insights for risk implications, claims management, and how Jencap's "better together" approach aligns retailers for success in the intricate realm of habitational insurance.

Chronicles of Casualty 2
Chronicles of Casualty: Construction

Join our experts as they share their knowledge on the dynamic landscape of construction insurance, providing key insights to enhance your understanding and approach in this evolving field.

Chronicles of Casualty 3
Chronicles of Casualty: Product Recall

Not all product recall coverage is created equal. Join us in this insightful discussion highlighting key insights in the evolving landscape of product recall coverage. You’ll learn about the expanding product recall marketplace as well as key policy triggers and endorsements that broaden protection beyond typical recall scenarios.

Chronicles of Casualty 4
Chronicles of Casualty: Umbrella & Excess

From market changes to Jencap's tower placement strategy, dive into the world of umbrella and excess coverage with Jencap's Tyler Schuldt and Joe Hayes. Join us for a candid conversation on challenges, market dynamics, and strategic approaches crucial for success in today's environment.

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